Our gourmet chef’s first choice is to use produce from our local community of organic farms that span from the Upper Richmond River in Northern NSW to the Darling Downs area of South East Queensland. Local food makes sense, socially, ecologically and economically and that is why we aim to use as close to 100% Australian Organic ingredients as possible.


    WE DO NOT USE any synthetic additives, emulsifiers, preservatives,
    artificial food colouring, flavour enhancers or GMO’s. These are
    industrial chemicals known to cause allergies, obesity, and some even
    are carcenogenic.

  • The World in a Meal

    what you choose to eat has a BIG impact!

    The average Australian shopping basket contains food,

    that when combined has traveled over 70,000 km


    Globally agriculture (fertilizer, transport & associated deforestation)

    contributes around 30% of the worlds greenhouse gas


    Monocultures (single crop farming) require a multitude of pesticides which are

    linkedto a range of health disorders that include decreasing male fertility, obesity,

    Parkinson’s Disease as well as being ranked among the top 3 cancer risks.




    As impossible as it may seem, we can literally improve the world by

    changing what we eat 2 or 3 times a day. Let’s show just one example.


    For every three acres of land that is converted from conventional farming

    to organic production is the equivalent of taking one car off­ the road

    (i.e. carbon dioxide reduction in the atmosphere).


    Now let’s take that a little further. Believe it or not, humankind currently uses

    45% of the earths surface for agriculture, and if we were to convert 40% of that

    land to organic using the above statistic means that would be the same as

    taking 750 million cars of the road and that’s every car on earth currently.


    Don’t you think that’s exciting



    We've got a top notch team!

    Alf & Marina Orpen



    Local Organic Producers was created in May 2014 to support “sustainable local organic food production” from farm to plate.

    By enabling simpler pathways for busy people to embody healthy nourishing foods by “turning everyday meals made with farm fresh ingredients into something simply amazing” says Marina and Alf Orpen founders of Organic Farm Share a community owned farm enterprise in the NSW region since 2010. The Local Organic Producers are a passionate team of entrepreneurs with a deep desire to create significant change socially and environmentally by designing and creating innovative, sustainable, ethical organic products that people will really love.

    Despina Petri


    Research & Development

    Despina Petri our bio-dynamic head chef and wellness educator. Adept in the healing alchemical affects of spices and Ayurveda traditions. Well known in the Byron Shire for her meticulous attention to detail and delicious culinary creations. Despina recently sold her Organic Ravioli business a year ago to join the Local Organic Producers team.

  • Interested in becoming a local producer of our meals?

    We are looking for people to partner with in each region we sell Local Organic Producer

    ready-made frozen organic meals to produce small scale locally under license.

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